Brave New World


Our learning resources are available to view and download for free by teachers wanting to support students' engagement - as well as to everyone else who is interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the play and production. We'll be updating this page throughout 2015



A vision of the future - Brave New World or 1984?

Huxley's letter to George Orwell in 1949

An Alternative Ending to Brave New World

Edited Forword to Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (1946)

More Prophecies from Huxley

Edited Foreword to Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (1949)

Shakespeare in Brave New World

A chronological list of all references

What others have said about Brave New World

A collection of commentary on Brave New World




Creating your own Brave New World

Create all or a selection of propagranda slogans from the novel and consider the meaning behind statements

Creating a Caste System

Create a caste system in the classroom, getting students to divide into groups listed in the novel.

Creating a Scene

Create a scene from Brave New World



DIRECTOR: James Dacre on directing Brave New World for the stage

James Dacre on what attracted him to the project, Aldous Huxley, the research process and going into rehearsals

VIDEO: Writer Dawn King on adapting Brave New World for the stage

Dawn talks about the challenges in adapting for the stage, the differences between a novel and a play, her responsibility to Huxley and working in collaboration with the creative team.


Creative project


Writing challenge: Can you write a Brave New Ending to your own imagined version of Brave New World? We want you to pen your final scene lasting no more than five minutes.


Write a Brave New Ending

Deadline: 31 December 2015

Read more and submit your final scene on our project page.

VIDEO: Writer Dawn King offers some advice for entering the project

'As with writing any scene, I'd want to figure out how it was going to be dramatic, where the conflict was coming from, what the characters wanted and how I would make it work in five pages'

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