Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde


Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic thriller starring Phil Daniels (Les Miserables, This House, EastEnders) as the eponymous character, tells the gripping tale of Dr Jekyll and his alter-ego Mr Hyde.

Jekyll and Hyde

During one of his audacious experiments trying to separate good from evil in human nature, the kind and gifted Dr Jekyll inadvertently unleashes an alternate personality of pure evil… the mysterious Mr Hyde.

As this sinister and ominous figure starts causing havoc around the foggy streets of London, the physician’s friends and fiancĂ©e grow increasingly worried about him. Jekyll must race to find a cure for his monstrous alter-ego before it takes over for good.

Directed by Stephen Unwin and adapted by Tony Award-winning David Edgar (Continental DivideWitten on the Heart and Playing with Fire), Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde is a co-production by Touring Consortium Theatre Company and Rose Theatre Kingston.

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