Creative Comedy Project

Chalk and Cheese By Susan Charlton

It was the differences, rather than the similarities, that were striking in the twins. Alice, had long sleek blond hair, sparkling blue eyes and a tasteful sprinkling of freckles (just the right shade of brown) whilst Bridget had unruly curly brown hair, brown eyes and freckles (wrong shade of brown) splotched across the bridge of her somewhat larger nose.

Alice, with complete confidence in her looks and attraction, had a relaxed approach to life whereas Bridget saw life as a perpetual challenge. Alice, even at the age of 14, had numerous admirers, whereas Bridget had none. The disparity in their looks and nature extended to Alice, right handed and possessing beautifully formed handwriting, unable to understand why Bridget, left handed and yet to develop a style, felt so disgruntled with life.

Bridget had nurtured, at an early age, a ritualistic process whereby everything had to be evened up to the extent that, if she touched something with her left hand, she had to do the same with her right. This procedure, whilst startling her family and any onlookers, gave her the fairness to life that she had always craved. Not that she stopped at 'making things equal' . The natural progression was made, when walking along a pavement, to avoiding cracks in between the slabs and also, not always at the same time, the necessity of reaching a lamp post before the next car did. This, as you can imagine, didn't enhance her attractiveness. Whereas Alice glided along, Bridget took ungainly strides (large paving slabs), coupled with little steps (broken paving slabs), breaking into a run every so often (racing to the next lamp post).

Now, ten years on Alice, still cocooned in a bubble of love and enjoying an idyllic existence, had found no necessity to change. She, and all who knew her, were entirely happy with how she was.

Bridget, on the other hand, was working on a self imposed project to develop into a different personality. Although still retaining her early idiosyncrasies, she had become adept at disguising these (or at least acting them out when no spectators were present). Without the approval and encouragement from others, it was a gamble as to whether she would fall by the wayside or find the strength and self motivation to propel herself into the next, and hopefully more successful, stage of her life. Luckily for her, and our story, she opted for the latter. Her precise and organised nature fitted aptly with her job as a Personal Secretary, a role that catapulted her into escapades involving the seedy world of espionage in London and, latterly, to working for a Sheikh in the Middle East.

But I am moving on too fast as we will be sharing Bridget’s adventures in later chapters. First I must return to her twin who, at this moment, is resplendent in a designer evening dress, draped over the arm of her tall, handsome and incredibly rich husband in an exclusive London hotel ………..


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