Creative Comedy Project

Growth By Walid Ghomri

September 5th

I got in the car. It was my first day of school. When I got there, we had an hour-long assembly about what the school expects from us. No one was paying attention including me. I was looking outside the window. There was a dog chasing people on a bike. So his owner confiscated his bike. I was introduced to my room mates. Their names are Emmanuel, Tony and Fred. Emmanuel looks like a gorilla, Tony is an athlete and Fred doesn't talk much.

January 4th

My family were so happy to see me when I came for the holiday. I went to a restaurant with my friend who lives down the road. Two girls came in with an accent.

"Are you girls from Ireland?" My friend asked.

They replied, "It's Wales, dumbo!"

Then he said "Oh, right, so are you two whales from Ireland?"

She knocked him out.

February 14th

It was Valentine's day, Emmanuel and Fred received 0 cards. Tony received 3 and I received 6.

I joked with Fred and said, "Happy Independence Day!"

He replied with a cold look. Tony said that he was breaking up with the girl's football team's goalie (his type happens to be athletic girls). I told him that he shouldn't because she's a keeper.

May 7th

We went to a restaurant in Spain last week. I speak a little Spanish so when Toby asked me what waiter was in spanish I told him it was novio which meant boyfriend. When asking for his order he said, "Novio , puedo tener el número 4 en el menú."

I'll translate it for you, "boyfriend, can I have number 4 on the menu."

The waiter looked at him like he was a madman.

July 7th

Fred finally talked but he didn't say anything nice. Let me fill you in. I once left my passport in my room. When I came back, I saw Fred reading through my passport. Now today when we came back from lessons he said that it was my birthday today. You might be thinking why is this a bad thing. Kids celebrate birthdays differently. In primary we would have gotten birthday beats (beats on the shoulder) but in this school it's way worse. King Kong (Emmanuel) picked me up and then we all broke into the school. He threw me into the swimming pool. Then they had goes stamping on me. At the dinner table I told Emmanuel that he needs a crown (for his teeth). He then told me that finally someone understands him.

July 24th

Today was the last day of school. After school we went to a beach. I swam for an hour and King Kong was looking for the pearls in oysters. I told him he shouldn't bother because oysters are shellfish. He didn't take it as a joke and stopped looking for oysters. I went back home instead of the dorm. This is the end of the year. I like this school.

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