Creative Comedy Project

Slippery Slope By Daniel Page

Slippery Slope

The steel glints fiercely in the afternoon sun.

It sits raw on the hill. Waiting.

It looks dangerous. I am just above it and it looks nasty.

I am here and it is here and I am scared and now they are here.

Ten, twenty, thirty. Pushing, shoving, taunting.

What are you waiting for?

Do it. Do it!

I will if you won’t.

My arms go numb. It’s hard to breathe...I feel fear.

Heart pounding toe-curling throat-clenching fear.

I don’t want to. I. Don’t. Want to.

But it’s too late.

They shove me to my knees...force my legs out straight.

Place my hands on the steel shaft.

Cheers, screams, laughter…

Nothing. An oozy, hazy nothing.

The world slows as I realise there is no other choice.

Slowly, carefully, bravely, I push myself...

…down the biggest slide I have ever seen.


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