Tell A Tale — Gothic Fiction

A bad dream which shows reality By ngwa fuh

A man had a dream were he saw himself in a funeral service, he saw a lot of people there in that funeral but he never knew the person that was dead i.e the person they were conducting the funeral service for,so for that reason he decided to ask a man next to him, sir pls who is this dead man that the service is been conducted for he asked, look at him here he replied, showing him the picture at the back of the book of the order of that funeral service,the man was very shocked to see that it was his picture that was there, am dead he said to himself, he quickly rushed to the men conducting the service and complained to them

saying am not dead oo so pls stop the service pls am not dead am still alive, but they never even listened to him finally they said to him sorry is already to late.

He woke up with sweat all over his body, he knelt down on his knee and prayed with all his heart to the God of heaven and said God, anybody that want to take away his life let God take away the persons own instead,after his prayers, he had an urgent call in his village about his step mothers dead and her confessing about him of try to kill him of which it backfired.


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